CityBaze drops Be Myne

By lara at 2023-03-26 • 0 collector • 915 pageviews

Music fans in the country and around the world can now heave a huge sigh of relief after dazzling Nigerian singing sensation Samuel Osemudiame Odeh, fondly referred to as CityBaze, made good his promise by releasing a fresh single, ‘Be Myne.’

Recall that CityBaze had in January promised his followers that 2023 would be a “game changer.” The 3 minutes and few seconds new track again provides a window to the abundance of creativity and talent the entertainer possesses.

CityBaze, a songwriter, rapper and record producer based in Milan, Italy, has a pedigree as one of the most respected and influential Nigerian artistes in Europe.

In ‘Be Myne’, produced by Empire Music, CityBaze creatively pressed on a love interest for a chance and promised to take her on a trip around the world. The lyrics of the song was delivered in both English and Yoruba languages, appealing to his global audience and millions of people from the South-western part of Nigeria, as well as those who understand the language and not necessarily from the sub-region.

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