Before you design an adult doll, there are tips that must be told.

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Here are some tips for making sure you get the adult doll you want: 

Be very specific when describing your doll. Tell us her measurements, 

skin tone and describe her facial features. 

Our artists need this information to get started. 

Choose from full sex dolls or heads. 

Some of our clients are only interested in purchasing custom sex doll heads. 

This is a great option, you can design the head individually and buy a generic doll 

body to take home and assemble.

Your doll will look and feel great, and once we've got your doll ready, 

we'll ship it just the way you want it. We think you'll be surprised when you 

get your hands on it. We use the same steel construction and realistic TPE material 

to make your custom sex dolls. They look and feel like the real thing. Don't worry, 

she'll have breasts and full sex organs. If you were wondering, the answer is yes! 

We also provide male sex dolls to order.


Finally! You have to follow some rules. The first thing to do. 

We mean no women. If your order describes a person under the legal age, 

you will receive a rare order from us. We also cannot reproduce trademarks or 

celebrities. The only exception is your ability to obtain consent. If you don't provide

 us with customer needs or purchase custom services, 

all we can do is create a love doll with many of the same characteristics. 

so we can't give you a unique love doll. We can only offer you one high quality TPE love doll with long black hair and brown eyes. 

The rest must be left to your very active imagination.

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